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Drug Dependence

Addiction is a disorder

Drug addiction is a disorder. You can also describe it as an abnormal or pathological condition characterized by compulsive drug use. If someone is addicted to drugs he or she has an uncontrollable need for drugs or alcohol. In most cases the person knows about all the negative consequences and still doesn't change this self-destructing behavior. It's like knowing a certain danger and still walking into it without any logic behind it. The overwhelming desire to continue taking drugs is stronger than the human sanity.

The reason for this never-ending desire lies in the brain. Consistent drug abuse changes the way the human brain works and a drug addict loses the ability to think clear and judge right over the course of time. They aren't able to control their behavior anymore and they are forced to use drugs over and over again. They have no chance to break this cycle, especially without the help of others. Even the strongest will isn't enough to overcome the power of the drug.

Signs of drug abuse and drug addiction

Common signs of drug abuse are ignoring responsibilities at work, school and home or neglecting the liability for family and friends. Many people that are abusing drugs in general are doing it under dangerous conditions too. They are driving under the influence of drugs or have unprotected sex while they are on drugs. In the worst case people get into trouble with the law, for example steeling or robbing money, to satisfy their need for drugs.

Drug addicts built up a drug tolerance after frequent use. They need higher doses of the drug to experience the same effects which causes them to use even more drugs. Depression, insomnia, nausea, sweating are withdrawal symptoms that the addicts try to avoid by taking more drugs. But not only are the addicts the victims of the drugs. Often the ones to suffer are the family and friends of the addict. They are often helpless and don't know how to handle the situation.

Wrong assumptions about drug addiction

Many people and especially addicts think that addiction is a disease and that there is nothing that can be done about it. That is wrong. Even though addiction is a dangerous brain disease it that doesn't mean that addicts are helpless victims because there are ways to treat drug addiction. Another wrong assumption about drug addiction is that addicts have to completely be knocked down before they can get up again but that is wrong too. Recovery can start anytime and at any point of the addiction process.

It's also a mistake to think that drug addicts can help themselves with pure willpower. It's extremely difficult to do without therapy and medication. Another myth is that treatment is only successful when drug addicts want help. It doesn't have to be voluntary to be a success but in most cases it is not possible to force the addicts.

Getting help

The first step on the road back to a drug free life is to face the problem. Addicts have to admit that they have a drug problem. This first step is very hard and requires enormous overcoming from the addict. But even then they cannot handle the situation by themselves. They need to go to rehab and they need the support of their family and friends. Only then there is chance that a therapy is successful. There are many different drug treatment centers and alcohol rehab programs that provide the help the addicts need. Getting away from drugs is much easier when the addicts have professional people around them who they can rely on.

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